Blizzard ticket...

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Blizzard ticket...

Inläggav Veila 08 mar 2017, 14:34

Hej alla :)

Tänkte sprida lite glädje på forumet idag. Jag har haft problem med en quest i Suramar ett tag och skickade till slut in en ticket som fick ett auto-reply (såklart). Jag skickade in samma ticket igen och fick det här svaret idag <3

Hi Veilah

Thanks for your contact!

First of all our apologies for this delay in getting back to you, The return of the Legion has spread chaos across Azeroth with thousands upon thousands of heroes of the Alliance and the Horde taking arms to fight them on the Broken Shore!

Secondly let me tell you it's an honor to be helping a hero of so many adventures in Azeroth for the last 12 years! So here's to 12 more years!!!!

In regards to your ticket, as a player myself I can understand how this can be annoying to keep bumping into these quests that either won't complete because of an item or because the NPC to deliver the quest is on a different phase!

In this quest specifically that was precisely the issue that was hapenning that I am glad that in the meantime the issue self resolved. It basically triggered the right phase for you after completing a quest itself.

But rest assured if this was not the case, I was ready to go ingame with Veilah to actually move you to the correct phase and complete this quest for you without any other hassle or requirement.

I'm glad though this issue solved itself without any problem. :)

If you need anything else, we're always here for you. You can also request a Call Back or Live Chat directly with a Game Master through Support site at no other charge. :)

Keep Strong, Epic & Honorfull!

Just idag gillar jag Blizzard väldigt mycket och det kanske inte är HELT säkert att de hatar BM hunters ;) Åtminstone inte varje dag.
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Re: Blizzard ticket...

Inläggav Elizium 08 mar 2017, 15:34


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Re: Blizzard ticket...

Inläggav Spybreak 08 mar 2017, 15:56

Skönt svar :) Alltid kul när folk går utanför sin trista standardmall ^^ Du kanske har fått ett fan där!
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Re: Blizzard ticket...

Inläggav Sagizawa 09 mar 2017, 11:09

Nämen, vilken trevlig en. Kul :)

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