[WoT] I morgon, 14/12, släpps de svenska tankträden

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[WoT] I morgon, 14/12, släpps de svenska tankträden

Inläggav Berrserkr 13 dec 2016, 17:51

"Swedish Vehicles

The Swedish tree comes in two flavors: tank destroyers and a mixed branch.

The TDs are lightly armored, making them quick off the mark. They can bring the pain with their decent guns and stay safe with their low silhouettes. At tiers VIII–X, the TDs introduce Siege and Travel modes. The former considerably ramps up your ability to deal damage. The latter is for when you need to secure your position.

The mixed branch has light, medium and heavy tanks. Early-to-mid tiers have good elevation arcs and can slip into a number of combat roles. At the higher end, the EMIL I, EMIL II, and Kranvagn have the nation’s trademark gun depression and autoloaders."

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Re: [WoT] I morgon, 14/12, släpps de svenska tankträden

Inläggav Dailly 13 dec 2016, 19:08

Måste köra premium igen märker jag. Så man får upp lite svenska vagnar :)

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