Uppdatering 0.6.3 30/3

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Uppdatering 0.6.3 30/3

Inläggav Berrserkr 28 mar 2017, 14:19

Äntligen: "For ships carrying torpedo armament, when switching from torpedoes to the main guns, the selected type of shell remains unchanged regardless of the key pressed. To switch to the required type of shell, it is necessary to press the button assigned to that type of shell again. "

"We have added a smokescreen timer which will be displayed in the right corner next to the "Detected" icon. The timer is visible to the player only and only works for the player's own smokescreen. "

"All players who enter the game during the week immediately following the release of Update 0.6.3 will receive a unique gift: a Shchuka-class submarine with a Commander."

Och speciellt för Paiko: "Grozovoi: Reduced the reload time for the SM-2-1 guns from 5 sec to 4.2 sec; increased the normal firing range from 10,330 m to 10,970 m."

Och för mig, hehe: "The following French cruisers were added to the game client for testing by developers and supertesters: Bougainville, Jurien de la Gravière, Friant, Duguay-Trouin, Émile Bertin, La Galissonnière, Algérie, Charles Martel, Saint Louis, Henri IV and the Italian cruiser Duca d'Aosta.

These ships are not available for purchase and research but players may encounter them in battle."

https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/upda ... notes-063/

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